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20100906 GrizzlyAdams yay, now tomorrow i just have to write a script that copies the channel logs to my webserver :D
20100906 PhilKll making a bot?
20100906 GrizzlyAdams yeah
20100906 PhilKll cool
20100906 jkent awesome
20100906 jkent alright, i think i'm going to go get some sleep, good burst of productivity there for the day
20100906 PhilKll cool, ttyl
20100906 jkent 'night
20100906 PhilKll so the ps3 thing just sort of confuses the hell of out it, until it goes into some dev mode or something?
20100906 GrizzlyAdams nah, its an exploit against malloc/free
20100906 GrizzlyAdams really nasty trick too
20100906 PhilKll ah
20100906 PhilKll oh the overflow, it dis/connects a few times causing issue
20100906 GrizzlyAdams they basically load some stuffed descriptors, overflow the allocated buffer, overwrite the tags between blocks, cause free to get called, which then jumps into the code that was inside one of the descriptors
20100906 PhilKll morning
20100906 PhilKll wow, that is impressive that they figured that out
20100906 PhilKll I made roundy corners on some elements in my website today... so 1337
20100906 PhilKll haha
20100906 Claude morning
20100906 GrizzlyAdams so, every 15 minutes my webserver will pull a copy of the logs from the bot, syncing them with the local copy, which will be served up from (not live yet, so don't even bother)
20100906 PhilKll cool, are you just starting the logs now?
20100906 GrizzlyAdams yeah
20100906 Claude cool irc logs of this channel? thats a good idea!
20100906 saurabhj Sorry, I sort of started this chain on logging of the IRC channel, and then went off for lunch. Great that GrizzlyAdams is going to be doing that for us.
20100906 GrizzlyAdams <- updated every 10 minutes or so
20100906 saurabhj jkent: we have to get your Wiki onto Google. Right now searches for NC600, Pollux or Linux don't throw up your Wiki. I landed up on your website through an entry
20100906 GrizzlyAdams searching and html fancy to come later.
20100906 PhilKll cool
20100906 casm right, the disconnects have nothing to do with race condition.
20100906 casm They are only used to shit on the heap
20100906 casm Which eventually lets you manipulate execution through boundary tags
20100906 GrizzlyAdams :D
20100906 GrizzlyAdams now if only someone figured out how to exploit windows like that and gain administrator privs
20100906 GrizzlyAdams oh wait, they did :D
20100906 PhilKll haha
20100906 GrizzlyAdams theres a usb and a firewire key you can use to root windows boxes
20100906 PhilKll I read an email the other day by bill gates bitching out some MS employee for "breaking the only thing in windows that worked"
20100906 PhilKll was pretty funny
20100906 GrizzlyAdams hopefully a rsync connection every 10 mins between my two webservers won't cause trouble
20100906 PhilKll that rate at which people talk here, I doubt it will be sending a whole lot of data
20100906 PhilKll peak time that would be like what a 100 lines?
20100906 GrizzlyAdams ok, cronjobs tested ok :D
20100906 PhilKll cool
20100906 GrizzlyAdams night all.
20100906 PhilKll later
20100906 casm So, is the elinux didj site down or something?
20100906 PhilKll yeah
20100906 PhilKll their moving it apparently
20100906 PhilKll I guess microsoft bought it, and their in the process of getting it running on .net and iis
20100906 Claude this is a joke?
20100906 PhilKll haha yeah
20100906 Claude phewwww :)
20100906 PhilKll haha
20100906 PhilKll how goes the dockstar?
20100906 Claude ah well , nothing new. worked on a cpld this weekend and probaly found a way to capture video with an cpld + quad comperator + some sram. allready got video out working from the cpld (uses only 24 out of 144 macrocells) and now trying to fit the video capture function in the remaining macrocells. maybe this will evolve to an arduino video in & video out shield .. time will tell
20100906 PhilKll sweet, sounds awesome
20100906 Claude if it works :) just a proof on concept atm
20100906 PhilKll an impressive sounding poc
20100906 PhilKll I've spent the last couple days fixing up my webapp, its nearly a year old, time for some usability fixes
20100906 JulsPower hey
20100906 JulsPower i screw up my /dev
20100906 JulsPower anyway to get back from it
20100906 PhilKll reboot?
20100906 PhilKll are those all created on boot?
20100906 JulsPower no
20100906 JulsPower and i was getting cant open console
20100906 JulsPower since tty0 doesn t exsist
20100906 JulsPower but i fixed it
20100906 JulsPower booted on rfs1
20100906 JulsPower mounted rfs0
20100906 JulsPower and copied rfs1 dev to refs0 dev
20100906 JulsPower now rfs0 boot
20100906 JulsPower but I still have the same problem about layer 0
20100906 JulsPower in main.c /* layer0 is already setup by bootloader */
20100906 JulsPower i must check that
20100906 PhilKll ah
20100906 ReggieUK g'morning
20100906 PhilKll morning
20100906 JulsPower morning
20100906 JulsPower anyone good with linux and mlc stuff?
20100906 ReggieUK lol no :(
20100906 JulsPower only nirvous :P
20100906 PhilKll ya, you can remove files from a git repo, like if you uploaded a config file with db names, and passwords and user name
20100906 PhilKll haha oops
20100906 PhilKll of to bed, later
20100906 ReggieUK g'night PhilKll
20100906 ReggieUK apparently its a holiday in USA today, thats why the server won't be back til tomorrow
20100906 JulsPower in canada too
20100906 JulsPower someone know anywhere to read to get the cpu (pll0) speed?
20100906 ReggieUK wow, Arduino IDE got a proper update :)
20100906 ReggieUK nope
20100906 JulsPower ./proc/cpuinfo doesn t have it
20100906 JulsPower stupid layer 0
20100906 ReggieUK :D
20100906 ReggieUK arduino seems to have gotten a relatively substantial software update :)
20100906 ReggieUK its got a real, live, bona fide STRING CLASS
20100906 ReggieUK and you can now semd control codes over serial (or any arbitrary byte value)
20100906 JulsPower thats cool
20100906 JulsPower any idea when i use lx kernel on didj mlc stuff dont get created ??
20100906 JulsPower with didj kernel i get